Velox Rear Saver Mudguard

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49.00 SEK 120.00 SEK

You can keep your back and backside dry without spending top dollar on a full set of mudguards. The Velox Rear Saver mudguard fits in seconds and will deflect road spray away from your back helping to keep you drier for longer. It fits in seconds and can be removed just as quickly saving you time and money. Hugely popular with the urban cycle and fixie crowd the Velox Rear Saver is one of those must have products for any serious cyclist who doesn't have a full time winter bike.

Quick fit, saddle mounted rear mudguard. Ideal for urban cyclists who don't want to mount a full mudguard set.

  • Lightweight and durable polypropylene design
  • Quick fit and remove, no permanent mountings
  • Deflects most rear tyre spray
  • The most economical mudguard solution

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