Carnac Air Impact Aero Road Helmet

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Maximum protection, aero performance and removable visor functionality all wrapped up in a great looking helmet. The Carnac Impact Aero road helmet is perfect for racers who want aero performance but aren't willing to trade comfort to get there.
Integrated / removable aero visor
Two shot construction
Computer designed venting
3-Way adjustable occiptal cradle

A firm favourite with prescription spectacle wearers because of its large curved visor lens that sits away from your nose, the Carnac Impact Aero road helmet is also making waves with racers and TT riders who need the best-ventilated helmet to ensure they don't overheat. Once you've ridden with the Impact you'll understand the difference.
Designed for maximum ventilation as you ride the Impact helmet combines computer profiled front venting with massive rear-facing exhaust ports to ensure minimum drag. Adjustable internal comfort pads are mounted to allow for unimpeded airflow between the inside of the helmet and your head.
An ANSI approved, optically clear visor protects your eyes from airborne particles and flying objects while you're putting out maximum power. The visor is retained with a quick to release shock cord mounting system, so it can be removed for storage and travelling. Quick adjustability comes courtesy of Carnac's occipital cradle system that offers one-handed tilt, and size adjustment as you ride.
Small - Medium: 54cm to 58cm
Large - XL: 58cm to 62cm

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