SportCrafters Cadence Aluminium Roller

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Rollers are proven to refine your pedal stroke and cadence, improvements that translate directly back out on the road. There's a reason you see the pro's riding rollers, it's because they optimise balance, bike handling and core strength skills on the bike; rollers force you to concentrate on your pedaling efficiency thus enhancing your power transfer.


Unlike the OverDrive model, the Cadence rollers have a traditional resistance drum which is perfect for training cadence, particularly useful for track riders.

Here's a little insight into SportCrafters and their production process:

SportCrafters rollers are constructed out of precision-lathed aluminium drums that roll quiet and smooth, locked inside a sturdy powder-coated steel frame that folds down for easy storage. Sealed radial ball bearing come with lifetime lubrication, so the rollers will stay as smooth as the day you bought them.

Whether for fitness, training or pre-race warm up the SportCrafters rollers are the only choice. What's more SportCrafters are 100% made in the US of A and come with a lifetime guarantee!

  • Spin balanced aluminium drums
  • Lifetime lubricated and sealed radial ball bearings
  • Oversize axles (3/4" OD between bearings) will not flex
  • Rugged power-coated steel folding frame always keeps 6 oversized rubber padded feet on the floor
  • Low profile keeps you close to the ground
  • Knobs, not nuts. ... No tools needed for drum adjustment, or even complete disassembly
  • 3.25" (82.5mm) drum diameter