Selcof Ultra Disc and Ultra 0.3 Tri Spoke Front Wheel Bundle With Double Wheel Bag

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Selcof's Delta and Ultra Carbon components have set a new benchmark for performance carbon fibre accessories. Now they've gone back to the drawing board and the wind tunnel to develop an entirely new range of full-carbon wheels.

Unbeatable carbon tri-spoke front and carbon disc rear wheel bundle from Selcof featuring their fastest ever TT and Triathlon wheel pairing.

  • Full carbon tri-spoke front
  • Carbon tension skin rear disc wheel
  • 11-speed SRAM/Shimano freehub
  • PX double wheel bag


Riders looking to improve their PB's are always on the hunt for a competitive advantage and that's exactly what Selcof's new 3-spoke, full-carbon Aero Front Wheels provide. Created in the wind tunnel these wheels slice through the air with ease helping you to power away to victory. 3-spokes and a 50mm deep rim profile feel like a winning combination on the road- this wheel feels fast wherever you ride it.
A full-carbon construction shaped around a lightweight EPS core delivers incredible low weight and strength. A reinforced brake track made with high Tg resins and a unique fibre lay-up provides consistent braking. Use only with carbon specific brake pads.
At a shade over 19mm wide this tri-spoke front wheel is designed to deliver maximum performance with wider tyres 23mm and over. NB: An open space calculation for this wheelset shows over 50% of the wheel area is open space. This means the wheel can be used on CTT events.
Selcof's new Ultra Carbon Disc Rear Wheel is the perfect marriage of advanced aero design and lightweight carbon fibre construction. Using a lightweight, tension skin construction the Ultra Carbon Disc sheds maximum weight to help you save every last watt. A low profile hub body helps minimise drag by keeping the cross section narrow for a sleek profile that cuts through the wind.
Spinning on the highest quality Japanese EZO bearings the Selcof Ultra Disc Carbon runs straight and true and spins for ages. A high Tg resin braking surface offers maximum braking performance and minimises heat-induced brake fade.
Every Selcof Ultra Carbon Disc wheel is assembled and inspected by hand. Axial and radial runout are recorded for every wheel and the most stringent QA is applied to ensure that you get a great performing wheel that's ready to help you smash your PBs.
NB:Use carbon compound brake pads.


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