Selcof Ultra 0.3 TriSpoke Carbon Aero Front Wheel - clincher

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5,990.00 SEK

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950g of pure performance. Selcof's fastest ever five-spoke track front wheel simply flies. Spinning on quality Japanese EZO bearings there's not a single watt wasted when you take down the competition with these wheel.

  • Full-carbon construction
  • Weight: 950g
  • clincher tyre only
  • EZO bearings

A 19mm rim is designed to take the newest tubular tyres helping to maximise your aero performance and minimise rolling resistance. Try them with the new Vittoria Graphene G+ tubs for revelatory speed and secure grip. Japanese EZO bearings finish off this outstanding front wheel, light fast, stiff, quick to accelerate and built for the rigours of track racing- what more could you want?