Salming Distance A2 Shoe Women

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300.00 SEK 1,300.00 SEK

 Only available in size EU 41 1/3, 26cm.


The distance from heel to the ball of foot (62% of the shoe) has been designed with extra stability, which ends in the so-called “ballet” line, a 75° angle. In front of the 75° line, we have equipped the shoe with greater flexibility to stimulate the foot’s natural movements. The TGS 62/75° featureassures that the shoe bends in exactly the right places, stimulating the foot’s natural lateral and forward movements.

Drop 5 mm
Our standard heel to toe drop of 5 mm sets up a natural running posture, allowing a correct lean throughout the stride. This drop is used in Distance, Speed and Race models.

2 Layer Construction
The Distance A2 features a 2 layer upper construction which adds durable abilities while maintaining a low weight. This results in breathable characteristics and a quick, responsive feel to the running experience.

RunLite™ Midsole



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