Ribble SL50 Carbon Aero Wheels

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Ribble SL50 Carbon Aero Wheels

The SL Carbon Aero hand built wheels are engineered for a perfect balance between low weight and strength, stiffness and durability. They offer the reliable advantages of traditional wheel building by hand and the unquestionable benefits of modern, aero tested, carbon rims. We offer the SL Aero wheelsets in three carbon rim depths each one tailored to the kind of riding or racing you want to put your wheels through.

The carbon rims have been optimised for lightness and strength and then hand built onto reliable lightweight hubs using Sapim spokes. These are lightweight carbon composite wheels designed for improved acceleration and great cornering performance. Testing and analysis has resulted in high level aerodynamics.

Ribble SL wheels have been fully tested to withstand 150 psi tyre pressure and rim braking surface temperatures exceeding 200 degrees Centigrade.


Full composite construction utilising a state-of-the-art, super-high Tg (glass transition temperature) resin which is created by the automated winding of Toray carbon fibre into one super strong continuous loop (lesser quality composite rims are hand laid up via a different process).

The design and profile of these lightweight carbon rims has been refined to optimise aerodynamics at a range of yaw angles. Useable with any brand/make of composite compatible rim brake pads (NB these SL rims are not tubeless compatible).

24mm external rim width

The rim width of the Ribble SL is ideal for the increasingly popular use of wider road tyres (such as 25c and 28c) making the wheel and tyre a more aerodynamic combination. The external rim width is the distance between the two brake tracks or braking surfaces on the outside of the rims.

17mm internal rim width

The internal rim width of the Ribble SL wheels is 17 mm and this influences the air volume and actual width of the inflated tyre as it’s the area that compresses the tyre beads (and sidewalls). The internal rim width is the distance between the two rim hooks behind which the tyre beads are mounted when you fit a tyre. We’ve selected this 17mm internal width to work well with 700x23c tyres and as the optimal width for 700x25c and 700x28c tyres. It’s this internal width that’s also important for rider comfort and rolling resistance.

The angles the spoke hole drillings have been optimised to ensure precise nipple-spoke-hub flange alignment.


These wheels are built with the class leading, bladed Sapim CX-Ray spokes. These are aerodynamic, high-tensile steel spokes from Belgium and used by pro cyclists and teams because they’ve achieved extremely high fatigue test results.

Every individual spoke thread is glued after final hand truing to ensure wheel stays true for longer. The lacing and truing process includes balancing the rear spoke tensions with the wheel under load which results in increased transmission stiffness and highly efficient performance. The 2:1 rear lacing ensures less power loss to the rear tire under acceleration.


The one piece CNC machined alloy SL hubs are engineered for us by one of the world’s premium manufacturers and weigh only 294 grams per set.

Inside these hubs feature American-quality, smooth running Enduro sealed bearing sets. Intense testing of these hubs have resulted in optimisation of the rear drive side hub flange which increases the bracing angle of the spokes and the lateral stiffness and efficiency of the rear wheel. The hub internals have been rigorously tested for reliable performance.

11 speed Shimano (also takes 9 or 10spd Shimano/SRAM cassettes with spacers).

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