Prologo Zero 2 Road Saddle

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A flat, Road/XC saddle for short to medium distance riding. It uses a Chromo T2.0 rail with a very high tensile strength. This flat saddle is perfect for short to medium rides.

T2.0 Rail: The T2.0 rails are light high strength Chromo rails.
PAS: This is a processing of the base where a channel has been created down the centre to eliminate pressure from the pelvic area. Ensures optimum comfort and no numbness.
Active Density: Multiple padding zones along the saddle. High density at the rear, medium in the middle and low at the front, this gives the maximum level of comfort where it's needed and eliminates pressure during pedal strokes.
Size: 278 x 134mm
Weight: 260g
Base: Nylon
Rail: T2.0
Cover: Microfiber
Padding: Light PU