Planet X Flip Flop SPD-Flat Double Sided Pedals

Finns: Ej i lager

299.00 SEK 399.00 SEK

Flip-flop SPD compatible pedal, SPD compatible on one side, trainer and shoe compatible on the other side. Perfect for your commuter or shop bike.
  • Cro-mo axles
  • Cast alloy body
  • Adjustable release tension
  • UK weather sealed

The perfect pedal for the busy commuter or the Gravel Adventure 50/50 rider who likes to walk a bit on every ride. Soemtimes you want to cl;ip in, other times you just want to hop on and ride- the Planet X Sync covers you for both.

  • 100% SPD compatible
  • High traction flat sole surface
  • Weight: 190g each

NB: We specifiy extra tight bearing seals for our Uk conditions pedals. Give them a few rides to bed in, the bearings are correctly adjusted already.