Planet X 365 Compression Short Sleeve Top

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Compression clothing has taken the athletic world by storm - feel the benefits for yourself and recover faster than ever!

Whether you are competing in an Ironman or just getting on a long haul flight, compression clothing is everywhere these days and for good reason.

By putting your muscles under gentle pressure, compression clothing increases blood flow in the veins working against gravity to bring tired, de-oxygenated blood back to your lungs to refuel. It's a flat-out job for your cardiovascular system during sport and making it that little bit easier for your heart to pump everything around, you save valuable energy for your body to put back into racing or recovery.

Optimising blood flow has a host of other benefits too. Better blood flow means a better supply of oxygen to your muscles, helping you avoid the oxygen debt leads to painful lactic acid and helping your muscles remove lactic acid if it is produced during harder efforts. Compression converts also report fewer cramps, less fatigue and reduced recovery times.

In cycling and triathlon, most focus regarding compression clothing understandably goes on the legs. Our legs certainly might see the brunt of the work, but our upper bodies do a lot of work too - especially off road!

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