Planet X 365 Compression Knee Warmers

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Spring is here and those cold early morning rides can quickly turn into a mid-morning sweatfest so what better way to manage your temperature and comfort levels than with our brand new 365 Compression Knee Warmers?

- Circulation enhancing compression fit.
- Warm, 100% breathable Lycra
- Silicon gripper bands top and bottom
- Stylish 365 branding

Muscle compression has been shown to increase sports performance by stimulating the circulation to enhance blood flow to the major muscle groups. So a quality set of knee warmers that help keep you warm until the sun has chased away all of the previous night's frost that also provide a touch of muscle compression has to be a good thing, right?

Form fitting and constructed with flat locked seams for maximum comfort our Compression Knee Warmers keep the heat in when you need it and provide the circulation enhancing benefit of a touch of muscle compression. They are made from a superior grade of Lycra and come with silicon gripper bands top and bottom to ensure they stay in place and have reflective tabs on the outside of each leg to help you be seen by other road users early in the morning and later in the day as the sun goes down.

The 365 Compression knee Warmers will help you grab a warm head start for these early morning rides. They're a firm favourite with our product testers and sponsored riders and are a must have item for any serious cyclist looking to build up a useful and flexible cycling wardrobe that covers them for all riding conditions.

While choosing the right size please refer to the size of your shorts or tights.

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