On-One Mary the Inbred

Finns: i lager

4,000.00 SEK 8,000.00 SEK


There is something about Mary, a stylish Urban build of the On-One Inbred. She is a single speed so she is a tough ride in a hilly area but a very responsive rip on the flats.

Kick some ass on your commute to work or school!

The frame is a 14'' On-One Inbred,
She's got Geax White collections tires,
disk brakes,
An On-One Big Nose (don't pick your nose!) Satddle,
On-One Twelfty Seat post, and Mary Bars.
She is really teed up and looking fine.. A perfect commuter or for recreational riding, she will do it all and do it well!

She he has been on display and shown off at events but she is new as she is Blue (well mostly white) and has a full warrantee.


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