Innotech 105 High Tech Chain-Fluid Lubricant

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Innotech 105 High Tech chain fluid. The innovation: cleaning and lubrication in one process! Dirt, sediments and gumming are being cleaned thereby as well as particles removed and washed off from the rubbing areas.

High-tech chain fluid 105 is specifically formulated with extremely penetrating wash-active substances to get into the narrowest tolerances such as chain inner bearings, chain drive bushings and plugs. After the solvent's flashing off process, the OMC² technology's permanent lubrication- and protection film (approx. 3 layer strength) remains on the clean chain managing comprehensive lubrication of the chain. Numerous references, field reports and tests on the Innotech homepage document the perfect cleaning and lubrication characteristics of the Innotech 105 chain fluid.

Application with capillary tube:
1. Rotate pedals backwards.
2. At the sprocket you generously spray the rotating chain from a distance of approx. 2 cm in order ro remove dirt and accumulated resin from the chain and dirt and dust from the inner bearings.
3. The same application is suitable for all cables and moving parts, as well as the bearings. The fluid penetrates in depth and immediately removes accumulated resin, dirt and obstructions.
The use of the brush makes the penetration and capillary effect even better. This guarantees significantly greater level of dirt removal.

The corresponding brush is sold separately.


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