Hutchinson Nitro 2 Wired Tyre

Finns: i lager

199.00 SEK

Hutchinson's Nitro 2 tyre is newly re-designed, saving weight on the original (and classic) version of famous Nitro.

Offering even more grip at a lower weight.

Ideal for Sport / Road / Commute riding.

Very durable for long lasting reliability.

Great wet weather performance.

The Nitro 2 has now been re-designed to offer even more amazing grip and performance to riders looking for a durable all-year-round tyre.

Its super-tough yet supple casing ensures good puncture protection, as well as a comfortable road feel. Elegant tread pattern disperses water to maxise wet-weather grip, even when cornering.

The Nitro 2 tyre has reinforced rubber tread to ensure long term mileage and reduce punctures - a winning 'real world' combination.

Ideal use: Sports / Road / Touring / Recreational / General

Wegiht: 23mm tyre (with steel wire bead) = 320g

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