3D Spacer Kit For Planet Exo3/Selcof Ultra Carbon TT Handlebar

Finns: Ej i lager

249.00 SEK

The EXO3 comes with its own unique, watt saving carbon fibre aero bar. If you want to raise the front of your bike by 20mm for more comfort, beyond the spacer set included with the bike then you'll need this simple spacer set which does NOT include the 20mm longer bolt set.  You'll have to measure up the length bolt you need and buy one at your local hardware store or go to duabhuset.se.

Please make sure that you follow the bolt tigthening instructions given in this guide EXO3 Bolt Torque Guide


Screws not in included.  Best method is to measure out the length you need, then take your shorter screws to the hardware store and find a similar screw with the length you need.