Carnac Pro Road Helmet

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299.00 SEK 790.00 SEK

Stylish, light weight with eye catching good looks. Set yourself apart from the crowd with the all new Carnac Pro Road Helmet

  • Air conditioning for your head, 24 low turbulence Venturi air-vents
  • Highly adjustable
  • Durable, seamless, single-shot, in-mould construction
  • Removable anti-bacterial treated velour comfort pads

'The Carnac Pro Road Helmet brings an edge of style and panache to your ride, incorporating the iconic Carnac brand and eye-catching colours into one sleek gloss finish.

24 aerodynamically sculptured air vents provide exceptional air conditioning helping you to keep cool even when the going gets tough on a hot summers day. The low-tolerance surface helps to buffer air away and around the helmet to help keep you as streamlined as possible giving you the edge over the competition.

Its not just good looks and brilliant ventilation where the Carnac Pro Road Helmet excels, a barrel adjustment system and in-mould technology means that it fits snug round the back of your head, so just remember youve got it on!

Constructed using single-shot, in-mould technology there's a seamless transition between the protective outer shell and the expanded foam core. Single-shot construction ensures the strongest bond between inner and outer which helps the helmet protect you better during high energy impacts. Our in-mould technology also embeds the anchor points for the Occipital Cradle into the body of the helmet for maximum durability.'