Carnac Aura Road Helmet

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With 30 air vents and a unique rear facing aerofoil design the Carnac Aura is focussed on the serious business of keeping you cool as you ride. Front facing air vents work in harmony with the rear facing spoiler to ensure the maximum cooling airflow at all times without increasing drag.
As well as keeping you cool with strategically placed air vents the Carnac Aura Helmet provides outrageous comfort. The Aura's Occipital Cradle is fully adjustable for width and height. A 50mm width adjustment range is coupled with an automatic 15mm of height adjustment. Anti-bacterial treated soft pads ensure absolute comfort and can easily be repositioned to fine tune your perfect fit.
Built using an advanced three-part shell construction the Aura majors on protection, not just great looks. A full coverage EPS core is co-moulded over the internal fittings that anchor the straps and occipital cradle into the body of the helmet for maximum durability.
Carnac's Micro Ladder strapping uses a compliant polymer webbing to create a stronger more comfortable strap system that's soft on your skin but tough as old boots. Fully adjustable for front-back tilt our Micro ladder strap system is yet another reason why the Aura might just be the most comfortable helmet you ever ride.
If you've never found a helmet that offers you 100% perfect fit maybe you owe it to yourself to ride the new Carnac Aura road helmet.
Sizes: S/M 54-56 cm L/XL 58-61cm
Weight: 250gms (S/M)

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