Carnac Croix Road Helmet

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99.00 SEK 499.00 SEK

Bicycle helmets typically have some of the largest mark-ups in cycling. Carnac don't believe that you should have to put a price on protection so all of their bike helmets are fairly priced. The Croix sets new standards for fit, function and performance at the price.

Every helmet has to protect your head and help lessen the force of any impact and the Carnac Croix Road shares its advanced In-Mould construction with the rest of the Planet X helmet line-up. In-Mould construction implants all the anchor points for the straps into hidden fixings embedded within the EPS core of the helmet for maximum strength and durability. Single Shot construction co-moulds the hardened outer shell and the EPS core in a single process, fusing them together for a seamless, sleek bond. Our low friction, abrasion resistant PET Hardshell outer is designed to slip and slide in the event of a crash; helping to minimize the risk of torsion injuries.

With a 3-way adjustable occipital cradle and easily adjustable internal padding you're sure to find the perfect fit. Bargain priced bike helmets have a reputation for getting a little hot under the collar- with the Carnac Croix Road helmet nothing could be further from the truth. A quartet of massive, rear facing air-vents help draw air through the body of the helmet, constantly circulating cool, fresh air to help keep you cool.