Yes!  It's about the biggest triathlon hub in Sweden had an Elite Program.
The Nordic Triathlon Utvecklingslag made it's debut in 2022 and was a huge success.  Kalmar's top young stars joined together to form a training group and made some big waves in the Swedish Triathlon cup and beyond.

Elin Rooth

Elin showed some big in improvement in 2022 and was competitive with the best juniors in Sweden at the age of 16!
2002 Highlights
2nd - Swedish Triathlon Cup - Senior
3rd - Swedish Triathlon Cup - Junior
3rd - Swedish Triathlon Cup - U17
4th - Nordic Triathlon Championships - U17
Havslätt Triathlon Champion - Overall
Competed in her first European Junior Cup

Noah Petersson

Noah was on fire in 2022 as well. He dominnated the Juniors in the Swedish Cup and got some international race experience.
1st - Swedish Triathlon Cup - Junior
1st - Swedish Triathlon Cup - U17
2nd - Swedish Sprint Championship
Havslätt Triathlon Champion - Overall
Karlshamn Triathlon Champion - Overall
Competed in his first European Junior Cup
Selected for the European U17 Championships

Simon Lindblom

Simon's developement continues and he had another solid season.
3rd - Swedish Triathlon Cup - Senior
3rd - Kalmar Mil - 32:28
3rd - Swedish Duathlon Championships - Senior
7th - Swedish Sprint Championships - Senior
10th - Swedish Olympic Distance Championships - Senior

Alexander Chatila

Alex (18 yrs) struggled with illness in 2022 as did many but he's on the road back and was able to take a 7th place overall at the Kalmar Mini Tri (3rd Junior).

Simon McVitty (New Simon)

New Simon (17yrs) showed interest in training with our group part way through the summer and showed lost of passion and motivation.  He joined us for the Swedish Cup Final in Vadstena at the end of the season and had a great performance finishing first in the B-Final (junor/U17 together) with the 3rd best run time (A-Final included). He'll be training with us this off season and will be team member to watch out for in 2023.
Other Highlights
3rd Overall - Havslätt Triathlon
7th Overall - Holmsjö Triathlon