MAKO Xperience - Womans

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Our entry level suit is made entirely from Smoothskin neoprene. To increase the hydrodynamics of the suit and reduce drag, the arms, shoulders, torso and thighs all additionally benefit from SCS surface treatment. This product is ideal for beginners or those on a budget and you will not find a better value-for-money suit packed with this much attention to detail anywhere else. Available in both men’s and women’s cuts.

1.5mm low cut collar to avoid irritation from rubbing and pressure on the throat. SCS surface treatment.

Arms and shoulders:
1.5mm neoprene and extra supple inner jersey allow for complete liberty of movement. SCS surface treatment.

The wrist are high cut to allow for slick removal and extra-fast transitions.

Torso and Thighs:
4mm neoprene gives added buoyancy and an excellent glide through the water. The inner surface is laminated with lycra jersey for added comfort. SCS surface treatment.

3mm neoprene and an invisible zip minimise water entry and turbulence whilst optimising glide through the water.

3mm neoprene, which allows extra suppleness, combined with the high cut allows lightening fast transitions. Inner jersey is lycra for added comfort.


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