Profile Design - FC Hydration System

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Streamlined Storage

New Profile Design FC Hydration Systems were designed with one thing in mind – to create a clean front-end solution that thoughtfully integrates hydration, nutrition and electronic needs. Integrated storage streamlines nutrition needs into rear airfoil compartment.

Forward Computer Mount

Computer mount positions perfectly at the front of the system for optimal viewing.

No-Splash Refill Port

Brand new patent-pending refill port shields splash back.

Dual Straw Positioning

Strategically flexible to fit your preferences. A simple turn of the dial positions straw on the right or leftside of the bottle

Convertible Straw

Swap straw with gap cap to place straw in the front or rear of bottle.

Bracket Width Adjustment

Mounts to the Aerodrink Bracket. Fits on aerobars down to 65mm apart (center to center) at its narrowest. Install included bracket extenders for up to 140mm maximum width. Have an even wider setup? FC System also mounts to the base bar bracket.


BPA-Free, Foodsafe HDPE Bottle


Matte Black or White Bottle


FC25 - 25oz (739ml), FC35 - 35oz (1035ml)


Max 140mm (center to center)