Selcof Delta 56mm Tubeless Compatible Carbon Clincher Wheelset

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Selcof's Delta and Ultra Carbon components have set a new benchmark for performance carbon fibre accessories. Now they've gone back to the drawing board and the wind tunnel to develop an entirely new range of full-carbon wheels.
Constructed from multiple grades of carbon fibre and using high Tg resins for maximum braking performance and durability the Selcof Delta 56mm Carbon Clinchers are all set to smash the carbon race wheel market wide open. Featuring black anodized, bladed aero spokes and Selcof's new race hubs fitted with Japanese EZO bearings the Delta 56 spin up to speed incredibly quickly, slicing through the air and leaving the competition trailing in your wake.
The Delta 56 is designed to be used with 25-28mm tyres for maximum watt saving and minimum rolling resistance. A 17mm internal width combines with a 27mm toroidal profile and wider tyres to offer enhanced aero performance at a greater range of yaw angles than narrower wheels.
The Delta 56 are as good on the inside as they are on the outside. Our bagless smoothwall construction method helps provide optimum carbon and resin compaction to deliver even, predictable side wall and braking surface thickness for a better balanced and stronger wheel.
Faster, lighter and offering incredible power transfer as well as serious watt saving ability the Delta 56 sets a new benchmark in carbon fibre wheel performance for sensible money.
Spokes:FR 20/ RR 24
INT width: 17mm
Supplied with skewers
Supplied with carbon brake pads
Supplied with high pressure rim tape
Weight: 800g FR /950g RR average
For tubeless setup use with 70mm+ tubeless valve and 17mm rim tape
Use only with carbon specific brake pads.
On the few bikes we have tested FSA Gossamer and Tektro brakes are too wide at the brake shoe to fit these wider rims. Shimano and SRAM brake caliper have all proven to fit perfectly.

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