• Luke Dragstra

The Nordic Triathlon Utvecklingslag (development team) just finished their first official training camp. We spent 10 days in Mallorca in a fantastic villa, had optimal weather, tough training and great food thanks to our team master chef - Thanks Sammy!

We also had the privilege of having one of Sweden's top elites Ludwig Fleetwood along for the ride to show the young squad how an experienced pro does a training camp. Fortune was also on our side as we had no crashes, no one got sick, not even a single puncture!  

I think everyone surprised themselves with how much training the could handle, including 5+ hour rides in the mountains - no small feat for a 16 year old. The focus was to build strength on the bike and overall fitness.  Motivation was high and the atmosphere was positive and fun. It was a great experienced to lead this young talented group and was a long time coming - my first trip to the sun in 3 yrs and first training camp in over 5.


Next stop for the crew is the Swedish Duathlon champs this coming weekend so this week is recovery and a quick sharpen-up.  They are super fit and ready to race - the confidence fram the training camp will bring them to a new level so I'm very excited to see how they go!  its the first race of the Swedish Triathlon Cup which most of the group are focussing on this season.

Thanks to all of our sponsors for helping us out and making camps like this possible and a special thanks to Mats and nimbleinitiatives.com for putting this team together and working out the logistics.

That's all for now - be sure to follow us on instagram - @Nordic_Triathlon_Utveckling to see all the action from our camps and races.