• Luke Dragstra

I have been riding a Wattbike Atom for several weeks now and it’s been the best thing for my training in many years.  Having raced on the Professional Triathlon circuit for many years I retired to settle down 5-6 years ago. I took up coaching and still love to train with my athletes, stay fit a and do some competitions as well.  Of course all my disciplines got worse since retiring but I especially lost a lot of bike power which was always a strong leg for me. I had a hard time pushing on the bike, especially indoors during the long winter months and rarely saw a HR over 150bpm! Since starting up on my Wattbike and doing a lot of Zwift events I can feel my power coming back and instead of having a hard time pushing myself I find it difficult to slow myself down.  

Riding the Wattbike is particularly useful because while smashing myself in the virtual cycling world of zwift I can simultaneously analyze my pedal stroke efficiency (PES), right/left power ratio and more.  I can use this scan with the athletes I coach as well when doing bike fits or performance testing. A further benefit is that it is very easy to adjust the position so if you have multiple users in your household or want to do some testing on athletes or friends you can set up the position in a few seconds and the range is enough to suit almost any size rider.  

I highly recommend the Wattbike Atom if you want to enhance your riding this off-season.  It takes up less space than a bike/trainer, it feels more stable, you won’t be drenching your race bike in salty sweat or putting unneeded torque and stress into it.