• Luke Dragstra

 It felt like Triathlon was back in full swing this year and our crew benefited from sticking with it for the past years and training hard and consistently.  Our main objective was to be competitive in the Swedish Triathlon Cup and to take opportunities to race in European Cups or German bundesliga events.  

Elin showed high level tenacity all season.  It being her first season in U17 reset a realistic goal to be in the top five as there are a bunch of very competitive 17 year olds at the moment.  She realized after the first few races that she was not far off from competing with these girls and by the end of the season she was in the top three among juniors and under 17. Her performance also earned her a start at a European Junior Cup in Riga where she held her own against some of the best Juniors from all around Europe.  She also won an overall title at the Havslätt Triathlon.

Noah also showed big gains and finished the Swedish cup as the top u17 and Junior divisions.  Noah showed he loves to race and competed in several non-drafting races, winning 2 of them and placing second in the Kalmar Mini Tri.  He also couldn’t leave his mountain bike idle and did several mountain bike races, winning one of them overall.  He was consistently top 10 amoung the seniors and also earned a start at the European Junior Cup in Riga  as well as the European U17 Championship in France to cap the season off.

Simon had a strong season finishing 3rd in the Swedish Cup among Seniors.  He was 3rd at SM Duathlon and top 10 at the Sprint and Olympic distance SM and also nailed a sub 32:30 10km at the Kalmar Milen showing his continued progress on the run. 

Alex struggled with health for most of the year but managed top 10 overall and 3rd Junior at the Kalmar mini tri with very limited training.  He seems to have the health back under control and is motivated to train up for his first Half Ironman next summer.

We also recruited an additional Simon to the the group and he showed some promise at the end of the Summer finishing 11th among Juniors and 7th in the U17.He’s fully motivated to see what he can do next season and will be a great training partner for the others.

It was an honour to work with the group this season.  The level of hard work and tenacity is incredible for such a young group and to have had so many top finishes was great to see.  As a bonus result there was a club point competition as part of the Swedish Triathlon Cup and we finished 2nd overall against clubs with 100's of athletes and we tallied up our points with only 5 of us!


I jumped in the Masters races at most of the events after supporting the crew and managed a few wins in the 45+ group (including the Sprint SM) :O and was leading the cup going into the last race (Olympic Distance SM) where I blew completely trying to chase the top 40+ guys on the bike. My limited training finally showed it’s face and it was ugly!  I was seeing stars the last 10km of the bike and had the worst cramps of my life on the run.. I struggled through for fourth but there was 50% bonus points as it was the SM so I lost just enough points to miss winning the 45+ age group :(.  It was all for fun but my ego cost me nonetheless.

Now we’ve taken a short break and we are starting to build up again now.  A few in the group want to test out a half IM so I think we will train up for IM 70.3 Jonköping and see what we can do.

I’m also building back a new group of beginners and novices and offering deals on 10 week programs as well so have a look at my coaching page: