• Luke Dragstra

Hallsta Hammer Time

So we headed up to Hallstahammar for round 2 of the Swedish Triathlon Cup last weekend.

The crew has been training well and reaping the benefits of the the April training camp.

They were fired up as can be expected.  This event has an exciting formate with a Supersprint on Saturday evening and then another one in chase format on Sunday morning based on the Saturday results.


We had some great performances and took home some serious hardware.

Elin was the first star of the weekend taking 2nd in the 16-17 but was also the 2nd Junior and 3rd Elite.  That’s good enough I guess but to make it even more of a feat the decided to have little crash on the bike leg Saturday night and take a little slip’n slide on the wet asphalt.. She shook it off in less than a second, was back on the bike and chased down the pack she’d been in!  She showed high level determination and focus.


Noah struggled a bit on day one as he didn’t have the super power he used to having on the bike.  He swam well and fought back for a solid finish on the run.  On day to the legs were back and he had a great ride and run and finished 1st in the 16-17 category, was also first junior beating all the 18-19yr olds and 7th including the Senior Elites.

Simon also struggled a bit on the Saturday with some stomach issues but held strong for 5th elite.  It was good to see his swim coming back around after a long period last year with a shoulder issue that limited his swim training.  He came back strong on Sunday and held his 5th place position comfortably.

I jumped in the ‘geezer’ race when the elites were done and hitting the showers.  I manage to slip and land on my rump trying to step out of my wetsuit like a pro .. but nobody saw me fortunately.  It had been a while since I raced last so I paced it out a bit and had some legs for last 5km which felt good.  I got shellacked by a few powerhouse bikers but managed to take home the 45-49 age group.

So now we are tuning up for the Nordic Championships in Linköping next Monday which is the highlight for the first part of the season as they’ll be lining up against some of the top elite athletes from Denmark, Norway and Finland as well as the usual hot-shot Swedes.